A Pearl Necklace and Automobile Logistics

shutterstock_131923850So what does automobile production have to do with a pearl necklace? A seemingly far-fetched question. At first glance, the two have nothing in common. Still you might find yourself at an automotive conference walking past a group talking shop about pearl chains. And the group is actually talking about the topic of automobile logistics. It is because ... read more >>

Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 4/29/16 – 5/5/16

blog_scww_2Target targets suppliers

As part of a supply chain overhaul and major effort to become more competitive with other retail giants, Target is getting tough with its suppliers. Beginning on May 30, Target suppliers will face tighter delivery deadlines, and new fines for late deliveries are also planned. Furthermore, any supplier that de... read more >>

Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 4/22/16 – 4/28/16

supply chain newsWatch out food delivery startups – Amazon is coming!

In an effort to gain some new market share in the food delivery space, Amazon announced it will be offering free food delivery to its Prime customers from over 115 restaurants located in San Francisco. The program is called Prime Now Restaurant Delivery and guara... read more >>