Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 12/02/16 – 12/08/16

blog_ww_newsGo, go, grocery for Amazon

On Monday, Amazon announced the arrival of a new futuristic grocery store named Amazon Go. The store uses high tech sensors and artificial intelligence to create a cashier free experience. Customers are able to pick up the products they need and simply walk out of the store. Using the aptly named ‘Just W... read more >>

No Hot Air: A Case for Digitalization in Chemical Logistics

blog_chemielogistik_industriepark-hoechstWhether all-purpose adhesives, detergents or shower gels – these are products from the chemical industry that we use several times a day. It is therefore no wonder that the chemical industry is one of the most important and biggest industrial sectors worldwide. In 2015, the total revenue of the global chemic... read more >>

Gratitude for the Supply Chain Opportunities to Come

thanksgiving_bmpYes, it’s true. You blinked and it is November – that time of the year when we all start to look back at the year gone by. Here in the United States, we are also preparing for Thanksgiving on the 24th. When the ISCOblog team challenged me to write a Thanksgiving-themed post, my initial instinct was to look back at 2016. Continue reading

Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 11/11/16 – 11/17/16

blog_wrapup_new2Amazon finally taking action

On Monday, a lawsuit against sellers of counterfeit goods was filed for the first time by Amazon in Washington state court. Businesses have repeatedly told Amazon of the impact counterfeit goods are having on their own sales. It not only disadvantages the seller but also the buyer. Continue reading

4 Tips for Keeping Assets Safe Along the Supply Chain

blog_keep-assets-safeCargo loss is costly — perhaps more so than you ever imagined. According to the National Cargo Security Council, the total impact of cargo losses is more than $50 billion a year across the globe. This cost gets passed on to companies and, ultimately, consumers. Continue reading