Supply Chain Tech Show and Expo Event Coverage

sctech isco blogAs our blog readership and influence continues to grow, we are receiving an increasing amount of requests for media partnerships at various conferences and shows around the world. We value the insights shared at these industry leading events and try to attend as many as possible in order to keep up on the latest trends and best practice strategies. Most recently I attended the inaugural event of the Supply Chain Tech (SCTech) Show and Expo in Chicago Continue reading

3 Steps Towards Optimized Buying Decisions

procurement blog_bmpDuring the sourcing process, it is common for procurement to run several rounds of optimization scenarios. They are usually conducted either in advance of negotiation discussions with suppliers or before final award decisions become contracts. The importance of optimization is that it helps decision makers understand how their assumptions and constraints... read more >>

A Mid-Year Look at Supply Chain Trends – SCL Summit 2016

port of barcelona_sclsummitFor the third consecutive year, I had the privilege of attending the EMEA Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona. Actually, the previous two years covered only the European market, with the Middle East and Africa coming in as new areas of focus at this year’s event. This was highlighted by a new stream called “Leveraging the Glob... read more >>