A Mid-Year Look at Supply Chain Trends – SCL Summit 2016

port of barcelona_sclsummitFor the third consecutive year, I had the privilege of attending the EMEA Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona. Actually, the previous two years covered only the European market, with the Middle East and Africa coming in as new areas of focus at this year’s event. This was highlighted by a new stream called “Leveraging the Glob... read more >>

Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 6/10/16 – 6/16/16

blog_ww_newsOnline shoppers still want more when it comes to delivery

AlixPartners LLP, a supply chain consulting firm, recently surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers on the topic of ecommerce delivery expectations. Overall, the results show an increased demand for faster deliveries, and of course, for less money, a common theme in the ecommerce delive... read more >>

Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 6/3/16 – 6/9/16

blog_scww_2Google looking to expand its impact on warehouse management?

It was announced this week that Google was awarded a patent in which a strategy was outlined for making sure autonomous robots in a warehouse are not overloaded as they carry goods around a facility. The curious part of this announcement is the fact that there is no indicati... read more >>

Think Tank Report: Integrated Business Planning

blog_thinktank_signOn May 24, 2016 a select group European supply chain leaders gathered together in Düsseldorf to discuss the pressing issues surrounding the topic of Integrated Business Planning and how the process can be used to drive business growth. This supply chain “Think Tank” was organized by Continue reading