Prioritize These 4 Items to Eliminate Customer Complaints

blog_prioritiesAt a conference I recently spoke at, I repeatedly heard amazement, concern, and frustration from attendees that, while they and their companies were engaged in constant continuous improvement efforts, their customers did not see any of it and were actually complaining Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of Going Paperless in Your Supply Chain Operations

paperless scTo compete successfully in today’s world, your supply chain operation needs to take advantage of every edge available. One frequently overlooked way to improve overall performance is by going paperless. Automating business processes and eliminating paper is a quick and efficient way to give your supply chain a boost. Here are the top five benefits of going paperless an... read more >>

Supply Chain weekly wrap-up: 8/5/16 – 8/11/16

supply chain newsSpeeding toward customization

Expected to be fully operational by the end of next year, Adidas will open its 1st U.S. ‘Speedfactory’ production plant in Atlanta. This will be the second ‘Speedfactory’ Adidas will have opened; second to Germany. Atlanta is known as a key transportation hub for the U.S. as well as home to m... read more >>

Supply Chain Ask an Expert – Part 3 with Dr. Erick Jones

ask an expertAs part of the Supply Chain Tech Show in Chicago I had the opportunity to sit down for a brief interview with Professor Erick C. Jones of the University of Texas, Arlington. Jones focuses on industrial, manufacturing and systems engineering topics within the supply chain industry and is the program advisor for the Masters of Science Logistics Program at the University.... read more >>